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Peg Sandin Watercolors

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Changing Colors

Creating Watercolor Paintings to Share My Inspiration

 first snow

The latest projects at Peg Sandin Watercolors incorporate my ever-present interest in Lake Superior, as well as personal traditions and new inspirations. Living in the Northwoods, I am intrigued by patterns in nature. I love to add mood, rhythm, and color to the patterns I see, creating one-of-a-kind watercolors that showcase a synthesis between creative senses.

          First Snow 11" x14" 

A Night Out Queen of the Night Rhythm and Blues

               A Night Out 22" x 26".                                     Queen of the Night  16" x 16".                                       Rhythm and Blues 16" x 16"

Changing Colors (banner image) is 31" x 50"

All the images on this page are available for sale. Please use the contact form if interested.