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Peg Sandin Watercolors

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Inspired By Lake Superior Watercolor Art

Learn About Lake Superior Art by Peg Sandin

How do you create unique pieces using only paint and the world around you? My name is Peg Sandin, and that's what I strive to do every day. Living on the shores of Lake Superior is my inspiration. Most often, my subjects are a result of observing my surroundings, whether they are realistic or abstract. For me, painting has its own sense of musicality and rhythm that brings my subjects to life in unique and unexpected ways. 

For the Love of the Agate

One of the most striking parts of living so close to Lake Superior is encountering the local agate stones. Stunning pieces of nature's own art, these rocks embody the effervescent spirit of creative expression. After working extensively with them, I showcased my work with a solo show featuring my most treasured agate art. Though I'm currently exploring other inspirations, these stones will always be close to my heart.


Flamenco (print available in a set of 3)


Fandango (print available in a set of 3)


Tango (print available in a set of 3)

To order these prints, please fill out the contact form. As a set they are $75.00 plus shipping